Check out these fast facts regarding the concept of Micro Homes:

Perfect for First-Timers

Perfect for first-time homeowners, young couples who want to start small and grow their home with their family, retirees, existing homeowners who want an escape, aging parents you want nearby.


Completely adaptable. Use one module or more. Stack them for a two-story home or shift them to create different shapes and volumes.

Hurricane Resistant

Hurricane resistant up to Category 5 (winds >156 mph). Strong, precast concrete panels.

Complete Customization

Personalized to your specifications. Balconies, covered terraces, patios, interior elements such as flooring, appliances, frosted glass panels or wood.


Beautiful, sleek and modern.


Predesigned and engineered. Transported to your site, erected and welded in place. Move in within 30 days of delivery.


Affordable. Own a new micro module for less than two years’ rent.

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