Hector F. Solis Sr.
Oct. 5th, 1938- May 13th, 2012


Meet the Designer


Hector Solis, Principal Designer and Founder

With 26 years in the architecture and design field, Hector Solis has worked on a wide range of projects from high-rise buildings to hotels to historic home renovations. His experience with both commercial and residential properties, and with a wide variety of materials, has enabled him to use the best elements from each style to develop a unique product for the housing market ― Micro Homes Florida.

Hector attributes his love of design and architecture to his father, Hector Solis Sr. Cuban born, Hector Sr. brought his wife to Miami in search of opportunity. He was fortunate to find it with the architectural firm of Brown & Brown. Born in Miami, Hector Jr. fondly recalls the years he spent watching his father at his drafting table. Eventually, they went to job sites together and Hector Jr. learned everything his father had to teach him. As a tribute to his father, Hector Jr. named his first business, Hs2 Design Studio, recognizing the knowledge and bond between the two generations.

Hector holds degrees from Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University. He works with highly skilled engineers, architects and local craftsmen and tradesmen to promote growth in the local economy whenever possible. His excitement for modular home design grew out of a desire to build more affordable homes in the extremely expensive South Florida market. At the same time, he wanted to speed the permitting, design and building process and create homes that were completely adaptable.

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